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Design Expertise
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Circuit design and printed circuit board layout
Using Easy-PC

Mechanical Design
Using AutoCAD, IntelliCAD

Embedded microprocessor hardware design including
Cypress PSoC
Dallas Semiconductor 87C520, 89C420
Hitachi H8 family
Intel 8051 family
Intel 80C188, 80C186, 8088, x86
Microchip PIC
Motorola 68000, 680x0
ST Microsystems ST6, ST7
Texas Instruments, TMS 9900, 9995
Zilog z80, z180, z182, z280

We are approved design consultants for
Cypress, Microchip, Silego and ST Microsystems
Software and embedded microprocessor firmware coding
C, Assembler, Visual Basic.
Programmable logic and mixed signal design using
Altera, Cypress, Silego, Xilinx
Programmable logic coding

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