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Communications equipment
We have produced various specialised units for direct connection to telephone lines for several customers.

We have developed a PCMCIA card for use with a laptop computer to monitor the performance of networks. Also developed a hard disk PCMCIA device.

Digital video broadcasting
We have designed various units for distributing and monitoring DVB streams.

Point of sale terminals
We have undertaken a number of projects producing equipment for the electronic retailing business, including PC interfaces for point of sale terminals and custom network cards.
Picture editing desk for newspapers
We produced a large free-standing unit with multiple CPUs, large amounts of RAM and various interface modules for large newspapers. In addition PC boards were designed for a smaller but still high performance systems.
Hand-held units
These include a vibrating alarm, used as an aid to meditation; a vitality tester for use by dentists; a portable hard drive device; a personal portable electrotherapy machine.
Security devices
These include telecommunications security systems, remote security devices and digital locks.
Other projects
ADPCM voice synthesisers
and remote controlled devices as well as sundry interfaces for PC, Macintosh and other computers

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